Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting Closer!

The tiny bathroom is getting closer to being finished. Today we put up the trim, never mind that it's not all painted yet. Tomorrow I will have myself a little Friday painting party. Anyone want to help?This weekend has quite a lengthy list of "to-do" items. Some of these include building the monstrosity that will hold our absurd amount of art and design books we've accumulated. The hubby and I will also work on trimming out the dining room and starting work on the backyard. In case you're wondering -- yes we plan on someday not living in sawdust anymore. This day will come eventually...I hope.

Ha -- By the way our street is getting dug up for some reason to put things I don't understand in the ground. This means no parking on the street and they will be tearing up the driveway. Perfect timing as I'm sure we'll be back and forth from Lowe's and Home Depot and Menard's this weekend.
Oh -- and no we have no favorite hardware store. We love them all for different reasons. We hate them all for different reasons. Each one serves its own special purpose for us as I am a master of price checking. I have a detailed mental list of where to go for what type of supplies and who will be busy at what time and who to go to if I'm confused as hell. Maybe this weekend I'll write about this mental list -- maybe I'll get lucky and someone from these hardware havens will read it. Then we'll have PERFECT hardware stores that NORMAL people can shop in and feel well informed and not like a lost puppy who's being stared at rather than helped.
**In case you're wondering today's posts fabulous photos were brought to you via the hub's smart phone -- we know, we're super fancy. Don't want you to get too spoiled now with fancy photography and other who-zits and what-zits.

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