Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dinning vs. Dining

So last night the hub's dad came home from work and said,"Hey are you writing a blog about us?" "Mary said you're writing a blog about us and she freakin' loves it!" I have not really made a big deal about the blog as I feel bad that there aren't too many posts, I haven't done 52 right in my eyes. So I showed him the blog and guess what? He spell checked it...

I don't want to toot my own horn, but here it goes. I consider myself a well educated individual. I also consider myself a pretty darn good speller. Now, of course I do resort to using spell check a lot in blogging situations, because I'm usually writing these very quickly.

Apparently the last post about about the bathroom mentioned that this weekend we'll be trimming out the "dinning" room. WHOOPS! Ok first of I know that the room in which we eat fancy meals and the pretty plates are stored is the DINING room. DINING has one "n." Argggg...

So I googled DINNING -- two "n" situation. I found out it is a word, how I made it this far in life not knowing that dinning was really a word baffles me.

FOUR in 52's word of the day will be DINNING. It means "to assail with loud noise or to impress with repetition."

The lesson learned? Always ask yourself, "Do I have a room in which I dine (dining room) or a room in which I make loud noises and impressions?" Now I know what your saying, "Well shoot -- I suppose you could make loud noises in that room. You could also make impressions if you're a good entertainer." Oh my gosh -- we might just have ourselves a DINNING room.

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