Sunday, April 25, 2010

Taking the Day to Breathe and Blog

The house was purchased at the end of April, just in time for the tax credit. So, ever since then we've been working day and night to fix 'er up. She's a beautiful home which began with only 700 and some square feet and over the years has been built on to, and built on to. She lives in the heart of a historical town in the heart of it all.

We've torn out shoddily done base board, torn out hideous light fixtures, uprooted weeds, torn down parts of walls, built walls, created closets, installed new tubs after ripping out old ones, tiled floors and laid bamboo flooring. What haven't we done is the real question. It seems like it's never ending, but someday it will get there.

So today I'm taking the day to breathe. I'm going to write about what we've done. I'm going to post pictures of the day we found her. I'm going to show you what it looks like when you let me tile for the first time by myself. I'm going to tell you success stories and tales of horror.

Enjoy. You might want to get a beer and some snacks for this one.

*This was really written in June but backlogged to April to keep the time-line correct.

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