Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Four of Us

We've been searching. We've been praying. We've been dreaming of the perfect place.

The four of us.

You see my husband and I were offered and excellent deal we couldn't pass down. We've been paying a fair amount of money each month, to a not so fair landlord. We've also been paying an obscene amount of money in student loans along with our other bills. So in an effort to help us get on our feet and not feel so down and out about the debt that two private college educations had presented the hubby and I with, his parents came up with a plan.
They decided to get a new house. One that we could all live in. A place where hubby and I could have a studio for our freelance work, our own bathroom and enough space that we could all feel comfortable. We were looking for a place that was safe; not in the city like before.

So as I unravel this tale I'll call it like it is. I'll tell you about the struggles. The woes. The laughs, tears, outrage and serenity. I suppose this is a lot like many other blogs out there today, it's about buying a home and all of the drama that comes with fixing it up. Four in 52 is a bit different though. As it states in the title -- there are FOUR of us.

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