Saturday, July 24, 2010

How We Made Shelves

Today I heard from an old artsy fartsy friend, who is currently the cutest pregnant woman I've ever seen! She wanted to know about how the shelves were made. So - here is what I told her, in case you were wondering too.

"They were super easy. Started from scratch. We bought 5 2"x12"x8' boards. I think about 5 1"x12"x8' boards for the top, bottom and intersecting pieces. We also bought 4 little L-brackets per shelf from the decking section of Home Depot, super cheap and very industrial (right up our a...lley). We just marked off where we thought a shelf would look cool and put it there, no rhyme or reason. Then we trimmed the top and bottom with the same trim we used in the rest of the room. Paint by the way came from Wal-mart, their house brand 'ColorPlace' is super cheap and works wonders for any purpose. Oh - and you'll need some giant bolts (technical term) to anchor those bad boys to the floor. If I forgot something let me know!"

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