Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Bathroom Redo

I've never owned a home. I've only ever rented. So buying things like bathroom fixtures is sort of overwhelming. What kind do I buy? If the current spigot has two handles can I buy a single handled one? What do I do with plumber's putty?

Anyways -- I found this pretty fixture for a very pretty price at Lowe's. Also, because of our move they sent us a nice coupon for $10.00 off of a $50.00 purchase. This was an excellent trip to the hardware store.

I learned quickly thanks to my hubby's dad that plumbing isn't too hard, you just have to remember a few simple things and you're on your way. (O.k. the plumbing I was doing wasn't too hard. There are a lot of things I would never dream of doing myself, and certainly call a professional)

I spotted this shower curtain at Bed Bath and Beyond. I liked it well enough and it is nicer than the one I ended up buying. I opted for a slightly cheaper (look and price) from Menard's.

I know what you're thinking, man she cuts costs everywhere. Well -- not on the floors kids. I wanted our bathroom to have a similar feel to a hotel spa. I chose a smoke gray glass tile for the floor. Luckily, I did find it on clearance but it still cost me around $150.00 to tile the floor of a rather small space.
I thought I would share this heartbreaking story. When we went to pull up the hideous linoleum tile we found GORGEOUS hardwood floor. Soon we discovered that it was severely damaged and not worth trying to salvage. I thought for a few moments that I could return all of the tile and get my pennies back. Back to plan A.

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